What is BALANCE Studio?

Balance is a premium sport studio specialized in ballet-inspired fitness. Our group and private lessons are taught by ballet dancers and fitness specialists in a beautiful, cozy environment in the city center of Warsaw. The philosophy of Balance and its mission is to make the beauty and training techniques of ballet accessible to women with dance experience not required! Our workouts are a holistic combination of ballet, yoga, cardio and Pilates. The exercises are specially developed to build lean muscles and a graceful, strong dancer’s body. We worked together with a physiotherapist to design classes with the beauty and elegance of ballet in mind, which pay much more attention to each client’s body and health than a traditional dancing class. The result is a very efficient, safe and unique form of workout which sculpts a flexible, feminine body and provides a sense of balance and fulfilment.

Do I need to have dance experience to be able to participate in the classes?

Our workouts at BALANCE Studio do not require any dance experience. Although they are obviously very suitable for adult Ballet enthusiasts or women who are attracted to dance and who are looking for a workout close to an actual ballet class, they are also ideal for women who are not so much interested in ballet and just seeking to achieve a dancer’s physique with long, lean muscles without classical ballet atmosphere. The classes we offer at BALANCE Studio are suitable for different fitness levels, from women who want to start or restart a physical activity (for instance after having a baby) to the fitness enthusiast who is looking for a new challenge. 

What are the benefits of the training offered by BALANCE Studio and is it safe?

At BALANCE Studio, we are using exercises from classical ballet (especially strengthening exercises such as for example plié and relevé), fitness exercises known as “Barre” workout as well as elements from Pilates, yoga, stretching and cardio fitness. In our workouts, we typically combine very targeted exercises to fully fatigue a given muscle group with full-body workouts for increased fitness and graceful movements. Our workouts flatten the abs, lift and round the seat and work on long lean ballerina muscles in the legs and arms. They are also great to strengthen your core and improve your posture. Unlike some other exercise methods, these workouts don’t flatten your muscles (especially in the butt) or make you compact but instead, define and sculpt your muscles, similar to a dancer’s body. When designing our classes, we worked together with a physiotherapist to make sure that our exercises are safe. If you have any previous injuries, please check with your doctor and make sure to inform your instructor before the class. We also offer private lessons if you have specific requirements for your training.

What makes BALANCE Studio different from a ballet school?

We are not a ballet school, but we offer classes inspired by ballet in which we use classical ballet exercises. Our studio offers a nice, feminine place with effective but at the same time elegant and graceful training, without unhealthy competition and without choreography, so that you can join anytime.

What is the difference between BALANCE Studio and other fitness clubs?

BALANCE Studio is a cozy space dedicated to women. All classes in BALANCE Studio combine passion for dance and graceful movements with effective training. Beautiful space and small groups of participants give a sense of privacy and guarantee an individual experience for each client. Feminine atmosphere makes sure that you will spend a relaxing time.

How big are the groups?

Groups consist of no more than 10 people, maximum 6 for Pilates classes. Classes in small groups help to concentrate on the exercises and the instructor can give attention and corrections to each client individually. At BALANCE Studio, we believe that small groups (or private lessons) are the most effective way to train and provide better results than training in big groups or training at home.

Who are the instructors

Classes in BALANCE Studio are conducted by professional dancers, dance teachers as well as qualified fitness instructors with dance background. Our Pilates lessons are conducted by certified Pilates trainers.

Can pregnant women participate in classes?

Please consult your doctor before beginning or continuing any physical activity during pregnancy. For most pregnant women, slower paced classes like Ballet Shape are a good choice. Please inform your instructor before the class as some of the exercises are not suitable for all stages of pregnancy. Please take rests whenever needed during the exercises and do only what feels comfortable for you. Please note that our Pilates group classes are not suitable for pregnant women. Also, intense stretching (such as we do in our Ballerina Split classes) is not recommended during pregnancy. We also offer private lessons specifically dedicated to pregnant women, where we specifically adapt all our exercise programs to your situation. Please contact us at britta.hardeck@balancestudio.me.

Which classes can I attend after giving birth?

Once you have been cleared by your doctor to start exercising after childbirth, Ballet Shape classes are a perfect choice to start getting back in shape. Please inform your instructor before the class if you come for the first few times since some exercises can be adapted to better suit your situation. This being said, the program of both Ballet Shape and Ballet Burn and the selection of exercises was prepared in cooperation with a physiotherapist specializing in post-pregnancy training and are both safe and effective. Please note however that we do not recommend intense stretching (such as we do in our Ballerina Split classes) shortly after giving birth. Also, for most women, Pilates group lessons can be too intense – we would ideally recommend attending a few private lessons before starting with our group lessons. For private lessons (Pilates or ballet-inspired), please contact britta.hardeck@balancestudio.me.

Does BALANCE Studio offer classes in English?

Our instructors and staff speak Polish and English. Classes can be conducted in English depending on the group’s needs. If you speak English, please let us know before class. We can also offer private lessons in different languages, including English, French Russian and German.

Do I have to sign up for classes?

Yes, we organize our classes in groups of 6-10 people, so we recommend booking your place in advance. If you would like to visit us spontaneously, please call us and make sure there is a place available for you.

How should I dress for the class?

There is no specific dress code but you should be able to move comfortably. Some of our clients wear traditional fitness or Yoga gear and others are dressed for Ballet classes. Exercises are performed barefoot, in ballet shoes (ballet flats) or socks.

What equipment is used in the classroom?

During the classes we do exercises at the barre, use mats, light dumbbells, small Pilates balls, yoga blocks and elastics bands. Equipment for exercises is available in the studio.

Are dance classes organized?

We offer private dance lessons and are considering adding group dance classes to our schedule in the future. Please let us know if you are interested in this type of class or would like to have a private lesson.

Are private lessons available?

Yes, we offer private lessons and also have a dedicated exercise room if you wish to have a private lesson in a confidential setting during group class hours. For private lessons, please contact us at britta.hardeck@balancestudio.me.

Is there a changing room in the studio?

Yes, there is a changing room with lockers. The key to the locker will be given to you at the reception when you come to the studio.

Is there a shower in the studio?

Yes, it is possible to take a shower after class.


How do I sign up?

You can sign up for classes using the booking form at https://balancestudio-warsaw.cms.efitness.com.pl/. You can select between 1 entry, 4 entries or 8 entries. You can also specify the start date of the selected option.

What are the types of membership offered at BALANCE Studio and how long are they valid?

1 entry
4 entries
8 entries

Each carnet is valid for a period of 30 days. You can set the start date by yourself during the registration process on the website: https://balancestudio-warsaw.cms.efitness.com.pl/. The 30 days are counted from the date selected by you. Carnets of 4 and 8 entries can be used for any group activity offered by BALANCE Studio.

What if I want to change my reservation?

You can change your reservation in our reservation system on the website: https://balancestudio-warsaw.cms.efitness.com.pl/ anytime up to 24 hours before the class. If you have reserved your place in a class and fail to cancel or change your reservation 24 hours in advance, you will be charged for the class as if you had participated.

How do I pay for my membership?

You can pay by adding a credit card or making an instant or traditional bank transfer. Selected payment options are visible during the registration process on the website: https://balancestudio-warsaw.cms.efitness.com.pl/.

What should I do if my card transaction is rejected?

Check the validity of your card. If this is not the reason for rejecting the transaction, please contact your bank or check your bank's website if your card is enabled for online payments and you have no limits on online transactions.

I chose my membership type, paid for it, what now?

You will receive an email confirming selected membership, specifying the start date you have chosen and your login details. You can reserve classes right away.

Can I purchase one single entry?

Yes, you can buy a single entry to one of the classes. When registering at https://balancestudio-warsaw.cms.efitness.com.pl/ you choose the date and activity you want to participate in.