What is balance

Balance studio is a premium sport studio specialized in ballet-inspired fitness.

Balance is a premium sport studio specialized in ballet-inspired fitness. Our group and private lessons are taught by ballet dancers and fitness specialists in a beautiful, cosy environment in the city centre of Warsaw.

The philosophy of Balance and its mission is to make the beauty and training techniques of ballet accessible to women with dance experience not required!

Our workouts are a holistic combination of ballet, yoga, cardio and pilates. The exercises are specially developed to build lean muscles and a graceful, strong dancer’s body. We worked together with a physiotherapist to design classes with the beauty and elegance of ballet in mind, which pay much more attention to each client’s body and health than a traditional dancing class.

The result is a very efficient, safe and unique form of workout which sculpts a flexible, feminine body and provides a sense of balance and fulfilment.

Britta Hardeck Balance studio
Founder of BALANCE Studio

Britta Hardeck

Corporate lawyer from Paris, nowadays happy citizen of Warsaw, yoga teacher and dance enthusiast. The idea of Balance Studio and the methods we use is born from my experience as a corporate lawyer in Paris, working long hours and trying to stay fit in a minimum of time, while doing something intelligent and beautiful.

I was always passionate about movement and fitness. Before becoming a lawyer, I practiced ballet and different dance forms and I am also a certified yoga teacher. However, when I started working in one of the big law firms in Paris, I struggled to find time dedicated to exercising: I didn’t want to spend my limited free time in a traditional gym and because of my working schedule, it was almost impossible for me to follow a regular dance class, where one needs to go to the same class every week to see results. I started working with different ballet-inspired fitness methods such as the Lotte Berk method and many others which were much closer to ballet. For me, this was the perfect way to stay in shape: it was efficient, safe but also elegant and feminine.

When I moved to Warsaw and after giving birth to my son, I pursued my experience with these fitness methods at home. However, in order to make real progress, I believe it is crucial to have the support of a teacher and to practice in a nice atmosphere together with like-minded people. I found very good personal trainers but not exactly the place I was looking for: a peaceful place in the city centre, with small groups, a safe and well thought training method and trainers taking care of every customer. The entrepreneurial atmosphere here in Warsaw inspired me and I decided to open this place myself.

I hope you like the result as much as I do. Come and have a look at our beautiful, intimate studio on Mokotowska street and find your inner grace.

The programs we offer at Balance Studio are the result of an extensive process where we worked together with professional fitness instructors, dance teachers, professional dancers and physiotherapists, taking into account my experience of years of training with different ballet-inspired fitness methods as well as my background as a certified yoga teacher. The result is a well-rounded practice which remains challenging (it even gets more difficult the better your technique gets).